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About Me

Grab Your Cup

You are encapsulated in this moment. Nothing else matters. You and your fingertips flow to wash away the self-constructed fears. You create. You innovate. Early rise. Late nights. Buried in creativity you reach for your cup only to find it's now...cold coffee.

Keep grinding.

I'm Nick

Creativity has encompassed who I am since an early age - drumming, music, writing. Through the ebbs and flows, creativity has played many roles in my life. It's been an outlet, an identity, and a support system. There have been moments where creativity was everything to me and moments where it was nothing. All of this has brought me to an inflection point.


 This is a culmination of my creative endeavors. A hub. Bringing everything I love to do in one place. Cold Coffee Creative is about growth, knowing you can start again any time. Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. Show yourself what's possible.


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